Med pennan i handen

If I could, I'd never hold back
I would fight my fears
Even tough they are ampleness
I would stand strong
Perhaps rise for a star

If I could, I'd never have second thoughts
I would throw myself into every day
Solve a new mystery on my way to class
Singing our song out loud
Longing for you
Wishing you were near

If I could, I would really do all those things
Put my hesitation aside
Dare to dream with open eyes
I would, but I cannot

Yet I'm to afraid
All the stars seems so far away
And those mysteries so dark
But I'll hum our song
Watching you walk in their direction
Wishing you were near
Wishing you could be here

Postat av:

Svar: Okej, jag vet inte riktigt :) Hur gammal är du? :)

2011-01-27 @ 15:29:14

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